International MBA

what is included in the program?

The 2-year International MBA Program is aimed at professionals in marketing, technology, sales, operations, Human Resources etc. who want a very practice-oriented MBA-Training that allows to continue their existing full-time-career during the entire program.

The training broadens your previous skill-sets with latest knowledge in management.

Key Contents:


Integrated management systems


Sales management






Change Management


Financial Management




Self Management


Business Game


MBA Dissertation

You will not only benefit from the knowledge of our practice-proven faculty, but also from the experience of your peers.
The exchange with your fellow students is both a personal as well as a professional enrichment.

Also the networking with the alumni brings you together with graduates from different types of industry.
The program is developed in cooperation with CSB Cracow School of Business in Poland respecting framework of the Bologna Process.


  • Part-time program that allows to continue your existing professional career
  • Practice-oriented professors of top-Universities and top-rated lecturers
  • Study in small groups (typically 20 students)
  • Valuable network of alumni

Don’t take our word for it.

Trust our clients

Excellent course. I’d never expect a complex topic of a corporate finance could be such straightforwardly presented. W/o any financial background I was able to grasp virtually the whole material at the first approach. Good job!
I was very much interested in the subject, and it has met my expectations although I would suggest that the lecturer is starting with some basic terms to put everyone in the same spot. I think part of the group was not familiar with the topics at all and lost. I liked real life examples and relating the theory to the practical example of Nestle.
No additional comments. Everything went better than I thought.
Very well prepared course, good practical examples, could have lasted 3 days.
I would prefer to continue with the lecture instead of cutting it in the middle and starting with a new topic on Sunday.
I liked the examples provided by Daniel. They were from real life and showing real cases.
The stories presented by Daniel pushed the participant to focus and start thinking how to approach the described problem. This causes that it is much easier to remember some fats and learn.
Excellent course. Lecturer is able to explain complex things with simple and interesting examples. One more advantage of the course – it covers not only theoretical aspects of the topic, but shows how to do it inpractice.

This 2-year Program will start in October 2024

Next Program Start in 2024: 01.10.2024

Next Program Start in 2025: 01.10.2025

In-Person I Cracow / International

EUR 25000.-*

*) Qualified Participants located in Eastern-Europe and African states get scholarships of 50% of Program Fee

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