Monthly Problem-Solving
and Future-Creating Sessions.

Come and join our monthly problem-solving and future-creating sessions.
Online – hybrid – in person.

Session April 2023

Mindsets that distinguish the best leaders from the rest – timeless practices and experiences.

Date: 21.4.2023 – 18:00pm CET
Session May 2023

Analyzing data and working with ChatGPT – the only way to get more sales? What about emotions?

Date: 25.5.2023 – 18:00pm CET
Session June 2023

How to integrate emotion into your marketing – strategies for emotional marketing.

Date: 29.6.2023 – 18:00pm CET
Session July 2023

How to become a high-potential C-Level candidate – are you ready for the next steps?

Date: 13.7.2023 – 18:00pm CET
Session August 2023

Essential steps in problem analysis: How to understand the real problems of your customers.

Date: 24.8.2023 – 18:00pm CET
Session September 2023

How to win with operational excellence: 5 lessons from successful Swiss companies.

Date: 21.9.2023 – 18:00pm CET
Session October 2023

Disruptions create opportunities: How can companies use technology to stay ahead?

Date: 26.10.2023 – 18:00pm CET
Session November 2023

Do you know what’s going wrong in your Marketing?

Date: 23.11.2023 – 18:00pm CET
Session December 2023

How successful Swiss SME companies (as e.g. Belimo) start in the next growth cycle amid higher interest rates?

Date: 18.12.2023 – 18:00pm CET
Session March 2023
How can companies build resilience muscles for tomorrow? Dos and Dont’s.

Session February 2023
Company Valuation: Growth at a Reasonable Price (GARP) – Understanding concepts between growth investors versus value investors.

Session January 2023
„The Great Remorse” after „The Great Resignation”: How smart Leaders should act now.

Session December 2022
Central banks are raising rates into a recession to stifle inflation – will stagflation be the outcome?

Session November 2022
Swatch Strategy and BYD: what BYD can learn from the initial swatch strategy – or how to implement learnings of the »Boston-Effect» successfully into practice.

Session October 2022
“Chance favours only the prepared mind” (Pasteur): How to build a personal framework based on 4-C, Kairos, Serendipity.

Session September 2022
Keeping Up With Digital Technology: Smart Solutions You Should Not Miss.

Session July 2022
Missile Ahead: Current Challenges For European Companies In Supply Chain Management.

Session August 2022
Operational Resilience: Common Challenges And New Approaches In Crisis Managment.

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