Monthly Problem-Solving
and Future-Creating Sessions.

Come and join our monthly problem-solving and future-creating sessions.
Online – hybrid – in person.

Session January 2024

Recession ahead – How smart Leaders should act now immediately

25. January 2024 – 18:00pm CET
Session February 2024

Something`s is coming – How Executives of D-A-CH Companies should prepare for an extended period of turbulences

22. February 2024 – 18:00pm CET
Session March 2024

7 winning options to improve financial stability as recession threatens

21. March 2024 – 18:00pm CET
Session April 2024

Philosophical mindsets that distinguish the best leaders from the rest – timeless practices and experiences.

25. April 2024 – 18:00pm CET
Session May 2024

Analyzing personal working techniques and styles – Boost your productivity with AI

23. May 2024 – 18:00pm CET
Session June 2024

Why boards must improve their resilience as a team

20. June 2024 – 18:00pm CET
Session December 2023
How successful Swiss SME companies (as e.g. Belimo) start in the next growth cycle amid higher interest rates?

Session November 2023
Do you know what’s going wrong in your Marketing?

Session October 2023
Disruptions create opportunities: How can companies use technology to stay ahead?

Session September 2023
How to win with operational excellence: 5 lessons from successful Swiss companies.

Session August 2023
Essential steps in problem analysis: How to understand the real problems of your customers?

Session July 2023
How to become a high-potential C-Level candidate – are you ready for the next steps?

Session June 2023
How to integrate emotion into your marketing – strategies for emotional marketing.

Session May 2023
Analyzing data and working with ChatGPT – the only way to get more sales? What about emotions?

Session April 2023
Mindsets that distinguish the best leaders from the rest – timeless practices and experiences.

Session March 2023
How can companies build resilience muscles for tomorrow? Dos and Dont’s.

Session February 2023
Company Valuation: Growth at a Reasonable Price (GARP) – Understanding concepts between growth investors versus value investors.

Session January 2023
„The Great Remorse” after „The Great Resignation”: How smart Leaders should act now.

Session December 2022
Central banks are raising rates into a recession to stifle inflation – will stagflation be the outcome?

Session November 2022
Swatch Strategy and BYD: what BYD can learn from the initial swatch strategy – or how to implement learnings of the »Boston-Effect» successfully into practice.

Session October 2022
“Chance favours only the prepared mind” (Pasteur): How to build a personal framework based on 4-C, Kairos, Serendipity.

Session September 2022
Keeping Up With Digital Technology: Smart Solutions You Should Not Miss.

Session July 2022
Missile Ahead: Current Challenges For European Companies In Supply Chain Management.

Session August 2022
Operational Resilience: Common Challenges And New Approaches In Crisis Managment.

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