Your future is out there, just a few steps away, and your first step toward your future
in a technology driven world is to update yourself in cutting-edge tech
and best management knowledge.


In every company, agile and creative management professionals are in demand. Because they are able to manage the rapid change by technology such as Data Science, AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain and Robotics.

Our Programs

Thanks to our access to latest technology and management knowledge, we deliver life-long learning opportunities,
that provide technical and professional training based on real case studies and live projects – all this will allow
you to transfer latest management and technology knowledge directly into practice as you go.

St.Gallen imt-Program

Our Information, Management and Technology program supports professionals preparing for success in the digital and technology transformation business.

International MBA

The 2-year International MBA is an academic program for professionals, which allows them to continue their existing full-time job during the entire study program.

Inspirational Leadership

This program will help you to grow as a leader in extraordinary times. You learn to navigate yourself and your team in the era of digitalized organizations.

Fast-Track Programs

Scale up your management and technology knowledge with these fast-track programs:

Integrated Management & Strategy: Shape Your Future

In this seminar we focus – based on the St.Gallen Integrated approach – on a framework that helps you thinking in new holistic ways how you can improve and reinvent your businesses constantly. You learn how to evaluate an existing business and its position in the industry, to explore how to build ways to optimize or to reshape it. You will acquire an integrated perspective of the overall strategy process, get powerful analytical practitioner-friendly tools and generate groundbreaking strategies that align with your organization and optimize your business performance in order to move faster, to scale up, expand into new markets and operate more efficiently. You will work systematically with the integrated framework so that in the end you have a toolset to sustain your organization’s growth.

Frist course: 25. – 27.04.2024

Second course: 26. – 28.9.2024

In-Person I St.Gallen I EUR 3900.-

If you are interested in this program, please contact us

Marketing: Customer First?

In this seminar we will explore why Marketing in a fully digitized and connected world is more important than ever and what are todays marketing trends, such as customer psychology, Big Data, Social Media etc. The seminar will provide you with the skills and many insights how to become a more customer-focused and competitive company. You will find answers by developing a marketing framework and practical next steps to innovate your marketing strategy.

Frist course: 06. – 08.06.2024

Second course: 07. – 09.11.2024

In-Person I Stuttgart I EUR 3900.-

If you are interested in this program, please contact us

Personal Effectiveness

The value of a company depends fundamentally on the talent of its people. Discover how to improve your personal effectiveness and success by identifying your strengths and weaknesses and empower yourself to reach your full potential.

This focused seminar provides a deep dive into your specific personal competencies and draws out the potential in you through expert coaching and hands-on learning. It’s a unique opportunity to sharpen essential personal soft skills to become an agile and dynamic personality. Together with highly motivated individuals you will explore and get in touch with „life hacks” you won’t find in any business books.

Frist course: 22. – 24.02.2024

Second course: 29. – 31.08.2024

In-Person I St.Gallen I EUR 3900.-

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Finance & Accounting: Understand the „Numbers Side” of Business

This seminar will make you completely comfortable with reading financial statements, other financial information and making financially based decisions. Often managers knowledge about finance and accounting is not adequate to their position. We help you demystifying balance sheets and income statements, cash flow, debts, investment decision, cost of capital and all other financial management aspects you need to know.

Frist course: 11. – 13.04.2024

Second course: 21. – 23.11.2024

In-Person I Berlin I EUR 3900.-

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Technology Management in Strategics and Operations Management

The seminar goals are to learn mid and senior management to efficiently manage entire spectrum of technologies across companies. The seminar is divided into semi modules to harness the power of disruptive technologies by improving operations and increasing business value and connect information technologies with processes across your companies to improve competitiveness by foster a culture of better transparency, agility, and responsiveness of your organization.

In this seminar you learn how to assess your technology landscape and link it in your process framed by business strategy and lifecycle of products. You will also design a roadmap for technology transformation of Industry 4.0.

Frist course: 06. – 08.06.2024

Second course: 12. – 14.12.2024

In-Person I Igersheim I EUR 3600.-

If you are interested in this program, please contact us

Deep Innovation

The seminar prepares mid-senior managers to become creative, innovative, and highly skilled leaders for the fourth wave of innovation. You will finish this course with full range of knowledge and skills, participants to lead a tech-oriented workforce, foster a culture of innovation and lead businesses from ideas to commercialization.

Seminar contains, Launching New Ventures, Innovation Strategy, Innovations Porfolio & pipeline management, Business Model Innovation, Sustainable Innovation, Legal & Financial aspect of innovation management though entire lifecycle of innovations.

Frist course: 21. – 23.03.2024

Second course: 20. – 22.02.2025

In-Person I Hamburg I EUR 3100.-

If you are interested in this program, please contact us

Implementing Business Solutions: Getting Things Done

Many companies invest months in analyzing their businesses and developing new strategies to cope with the key drivers of change, but fail in final decision making, transforming and deriving clear action-plans. In this seminar we will unlock the mysteries behind strategy and implementation and discover the factors that are crucial for the implementation of strategies. Moreover, you will explore tools to capture a tempo advantage by cycling more rapidly than your competitors through the integrated St.Gallen learning loop. You get insights how to improve the alignment between structure, strategy and culture, and finally, you will develop an effective framework for developing measures and action plans.

Frist course: 08. – 10.03.2024

Second course: 25. – 27.10.2024

In-Person I Krakau I EUR 3900.-

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Strategic Sales Management: How To Boost Sales

This seminar shows how to boost sales by a well-thought-out sales strategy and helps you and your team to reach its fullest potential. The seminar covers the following topics:
– Best (and worst) practices in sales management: tools to reflect your sales style and your sales management strategies
– The sales force organization: ways to define the right sales force architecture
– Supervising, evaluating and compensating your sales team: How to optimise the supervision and compensation system
– Sales and digitalization: How to break with conventional ways of thinking and take advantage of the digital revolution.

Frist course: 16. – 18.05.2024

Second course: 14. – 16.11.2024

In-Person I St.Gallen I EUR 3900.-

If you are interested in this program, please contact us

Digital & Information Business Strategy Management

Seminar is dedicated for Mid-Senior-level executives who want to understand the importance of data in their organizations and want to harness it for greater competitive advantage. The ability to articulate what these disruptions mean for the industry, and create effective business strategies to manage digital transformation.

During 4 days of seminar, you will review the practice of traditional and data-driven decision-making to business from operations to strategic level of company management. You will learn about big data management, artificial intelligence. You will learn how to develop digital transformation strategies which can be taken away and implemented to integrate information flow management, IT technologies, process management with organization culture.

Frist course: 13. – 15.06.2024

Second course: 05. – 07.12.2024

In-Person I St.Gallen I EUR 3700.-

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