Positive Customer Feedback: Testimonials from Satisfied Participants of our Training Program

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Testimonials of the current International MBA Program No 17 – October 2022 – October 2024

Financial Management modul – held by St.Gallen imt Faculty member Daniel Gfeller – 20-21/01/2023
Excellent course. I’d never expect a complex topic of a corporate finance could be such straightforwardly presented. W/o any financial background I was able to grasp virtually the whole material at the first approach. Good job!

Very well prepared course, good practical examples, could have lasted 3 days.

I was very much interested in the subject, and it has met my expectations although I would suggest that the lecturer is starting with some basic terms to put everyone in the same spot. I think part of the group was not familiar with the topics at all and lost. I liked real life examples and relating the theory to the practical example of Nestle.

I would prefer to continue with the lecture instead of cutting it in the middle and starting with a new topic on Sunday.

I liked the examples provided by Daniel. They were from real life and showing real cases.

The stories presented by Daniel pushed the participant to focus and start thinking how to approach the described problem. This causes that it is much easier to remember some fats and learn.

Excellent course. Lecturer is able to explain complex things with simple and interesting examples. One more advantage of the course – it covers not only theoretical aspects of the topic, but shows how to do it inpractice.

No additional comments. Everything went better than I thought

 I was impressed how a theoretical topic can be presented in such interesting way. The lecturer was very passionate about the topic and provided many useful examples.
Integrated Management-Modul – held by St.Gallen imt Faculty member Markus Müllner – 16-18/12/2022
This cource was very effective and fruitfull. The strong points:
– practical knowledge presented was of high vlaue – the examples of Kanuf where St Gallen Management Model is implemented was briliant
– the self tests are very very good. as they allowed for self reflection
– Markus is very open minded and can comment examples from real life to theory

I am 100% satisfied after the classes with Markus. He is a great and very professional lecturer with very high personal culture. He is awesome storyteller and was able to engage everyone in very inspiring discussions. Markus was well prepared and offered good materials to exercise and reflect what we were discussing as a group. I liked the Zoom call with guest speaker that shed more light on the Integrated management from the practical standpoint. I would also enjoy having an online webcast with Caroline Muellner who together with Markus wrote a book on the Emotional Intelligent Leadership.

Another great course by St. Gallen lecturers.

Positive feedback:
+ excellent presentation
+ optimal breaks
+ recapping material after each break
+ fantastic part about EQ management and personality types
+ Marcus familiarized with the participants (names, companies, positions)
+ live Airbus presentation by Stefan List about integrated approach to designing the future airplane interior
+ openness to questions & experience sharing
+ knowledge which is immediately applicable in day-to-day leader work
+ for me it was a perfect balance between lecturing & group work

What I can write … definitely great classes and very professional Lecturer. I have absolutely no additional comments :-)

St. Gallens Integrated Management Model is quite complex, I would very much appreciate if there was more in-depth explanation on how to use this model in professional work and how to reflect to our daily work.
Markus is great lecturer with very high energy and great ability to involve other into discussion.

The Integrated Management course was prepared and led in a great and very professional way. Markus presented a great experience in the subject.