A Better Way
To Succeed

Our mission: The world, people and technology are moving fast.
We help you moving faster. We bring latest management and technological
knowledge together by unitying a worldwide audience across the globe.

New ways of thinking, problem-solving and learning are profoundly
necessary for the success of companies and our world in future – in this we contribute.

Thus, StGallen Integrated imt Business School is dedicated to advanced integrated
problem solving, teaching and learning approaches. We believe in building fundamental
integrated knowledge resources to inspire ambitious leaders.

programs that empower
your future

With an ambitious series of study programs which integrate management as well as technology,
we help you make it easier to survive, innovate, prosper and optimize in the global economy.

Co-Sharing Sessions

Come and join our monthly problem-solving and future creating sessions. Online – hybrid – in person. Join – share – reflect – think – learn – grow.

International MBA

As technology becomes more and more ingrained in our companies and lives, people are the unique difference: Getting the right talent at the right time is key to all business success. Find out everything you need to succeed as a manager and leader in a global world in our 2-year MBA Program.

Fast-Track Seminars

Are you looking to start a new business? Or are you already settled in your company, but want to fast-track your career? Either way, find out which of our short seminars will speed up your professional ambitions.

A Network for your
Greatest Impact

Your network is vital for your professional career as well as for your company.
It is not only about insider information of your sector but an avenue for creating
long-term relationships with mutual benefits. Find out how StGallen imt gives you
the opportunity to connect with so many people with different expertise
areas, career paths and countries.

Problem-Solving And Inspirations For Your Daily Life

Systemic, holistic, interactive St.Gallen thinking is key to long-term success
Let’s share specific resources, books and tools, that will help you
navigating in tumultuous times.

Supported by Business Leaders and real-world experienced professors

Learn and train with professors, that have real-world experience
and practitioners on master level.

Focus And Execute

Knowing how to transfer theory into practice is what differentiates successful leaders from pure theorists. Strategy is valuable only when executed. Theoretical knowledge without focus or when even not knowing how to apply is fruitless. Getting things done, is the door opener to results.