StGallen Integrated imt Business School Partners are leading global institutions
of executive education in management and technology. They, together with our faculty,
present the driving force behind our programs and bring intellectual depth
as well as practical advise. So as a participant you benefit directly from their approaches and expertise.


Our Partners engage in supporting us exploring the future of learning, connecting networks and latest cutting-edge knowledge.
So we are excited to bring to you a selection of executive education programs developed and administered with our educational partners.

What Our Partners Say

„The very different training methods, based on the St.Gallen Thinking and Learning Navigator, from simulations to real-life cases, are extremely enriching and challenging – even for our refurbishing mobile phone business.”

Elias Böni, Co-Founder

„At every step of the learning journey, the imt Faculty has gone above and beyond to simultaneously challenge and support the seminar group, even giving advise how to solve specific challenges in our organization.”​

Mark Mislin, Head of Sales, ERNE AG

„I am very surprised how the
St. Gallen Concept incorporates multiple perspectives and issues that are applicable directly to businesses”​

Thomas Steiner, CEO, Caynova AG